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Are you carving for excellent Food in Train whereas travelling!! Are you fed up from the same food each time you travel!! If yes then now it’s time to Bid Adieu to the insalubrious food in Indian Train which is often not enough in choice and well recognized to be of disgraceful quality and many times cooked in foul environment. Just To wipe out these issues Xpress Rasoi has launched the innovative concept of Food for Train Journey. Today we are India’s Best Food Ordering Portal which provides free delivery of your ordered food with No Booking fees. All you have to do is to Book your choice of food by selecting Location of your Train Journey which results in serving of fresh and delicious food served at your own booked seats in Indian Train.

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Fresh food delivery in train by

Indian Railways serves a million of passengers each & every day at regular basis. Currently the availability of quality food in Indian Trains is something which needs a change. A railway connect the whole India & promotes tourism so why not it should promote the food of India. Xpress Rasoi not only solves the problem of food in trains but also promotes the taste of different regions of India.

xpressrasoi-comXpress Rasoi supplies a range of choices to a Railway passenger while travelling; the passengers can order the food as per their taste & choice at a relevant price. Our system tracks the trains in real time across India and ensures the fresh food is delivered to the passenger as per their choice & interest on time. It also helps vendors and restaurants in terms of effective and efficient services. Additionally it completes an entire cycle right from the point of order to the point of Delivery, Customer feedback and Reconciliation. The most exciting & different thing is that Railway passengers are served fresh food with the choice of their taste thanks to its patented technology.tf20

How to Order food in train

It is a platform which fortifies the delivery of food is made in real time. And make sure that the entire life cycle of an order is completed by the Xpress Rasoi patented platform on time as per the order of the passenger.Tracking the train at real time basis and provides the surety of fresh food delivery is made  to the passenger through its tremendous array of restaurants on the Indian Railway network. It is currently operating in up to 100 cities of India and promptly expanding across the Indian Railway network.


Xpress Rasoi put the train journey at ease so enjoy your food on train……with our services